The fun in dysfunctional

Posted On March 31, 2010

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I love Christmas.  I always have, I always will. 

Ideally every Christmas I would love to have  a giant family gathering.  Meals together. Movies. Presents. Everything in one big day.

Unfortunately, today I was once again reminded why that won’t happen.  Some members of our family make it exceedingly difficult to even occupy the same plane of existence, let alone the same house.

I won’t go into details about anything, because the just the thought infuriates me. (and i am one of the “calmer” members of my family)

We will just leave it at this:

Some people won’t be invited to Christmas dinner.


Starting fresh

Posted On March 28, 2010

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A new start to blogging, a new title & perhaps a little more dedication to blogging on a regular basis.

We shall see.

Understand that the title to this new blog in no way means I am unhappy with my life.

It also doesnt mean my wife is keeping me in cage in the basement (we don’t have a basement)

Simply stated, the title refers to the fact that life has us chained to a certain way of things.  We go to work, we pay bills.  Day in day out.

Life doesn’t need to be ordinary, or boring.

Life is what you make it

And I make it fun

The difference between having friends & being friends

Posted On September 7, 2009

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In this modern era of facebook, twitter, myspace & countless other social websites & blah blah blah, it is possible for just about everyone to be “friends” with just about any celebrity who has a page on the same site as you.

I have to wonder though, does the younger generation understand the difference between having someone on your friends list & being someones friend?

Allow me to explain the difference.

On my facebook page I have 60 or so “friends”

Among those are family members & people I chat with on the internet & friends that I’ve known for years.

I have one celebrity “friend”.  His name is Walter Simonson.  If you dont know who that is I’m sorry.

Mr. Simonson is on my friends list.  However he is not my friend. 

Thats not to say Mr. Simonson is not a great guy & I’m not a fun loving guy that he might like to hang out with.  We’ ve never met.  We’ve never spoken. We don’t exchange Christmas cards.

I sent him a friend request because I’m a fan of his work & I respect his career.

But I won’t be going to his house for dinner.

Thats not a dig against him or me.  We’re just not friends despite what my facebook page tells you.

But there are folks on there who are friends.  Who I do talk to. Who I do exchange Christmas cards with.

And there is the difference.  I know these people.  They know me. 

And despite the fact they know me, they still talk to me.

Thats friendship.

One more time :

Walt Simonson, not my friend. Not because I’m a douche, just because we’re not friends

My friends are my friends, despite me being a douche 🙂

Friends are friends because they know you & they like you.

The end.

With apologies to Mr. Simonson for using him in this blog to make a point.  But he’s my only “celebrity friend”.

Techno stuff

Posted On February 26, 2009

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Not a normal blog, I am just testing the flock program

I have seen the future & so has Nintendo

Posted On December 26, 2008

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It’s hard to predict the future. You never know what new fantastic technology or breakthroughs will come along. But recently I have taken a glimpse at what I believe the future holds, & all it takes is a Wii & a DS.

Look for a second at the DS. Right now all the average person sees is a clever portable gaming device. But there are others that see more. The DS is being used to test all sorts of new things. At baseball parks, to order food, watch replays and the like. As passports.

There is already one internet cartridge available. When the new DS launches there will be another, it will also have a camera (correction 2 cameras), and an sd card slot. I’m sure shortly you will be using it for Skype phone calls. This is the start of the future of handheld devices. In the future you will only carry one device on your person. This one device will handle all of your on the go needs. Internet? Check. Email. Yep. Music? Of course. Games? Oh yeah. Phone? Yes but different than what we are familiar with anything & everything. You need. Goodbye IPod, goodbye cell phone, pda digital camera, etc. Hello Magic device.

And guess what? The whole thing connects back to your home “base”.

Which brings us to the Wii. The wii plays games in an inventive way. But that’s not all. Internt browser. Wii speak which allows you to talk to friends over the internet for free.

Goodbye home phone

The future, will see your home “base” be more than just a home computer & a video game console. As memory capabilities increase so do the ability to do different things.

You wont have a house phone. You’ll have a video console. You won’t be playing video games with controllers, you will be in the game. Dvd’s? nope. Movies straight to your home. No blockbuster. (which is going away soon anyway)

Everything at your fingertips. Fitness programs right in your home.

I just bought a “game” for the ds that has recipes, & video tips on cooking. Its not just for kids anymore.

Are the Wii & the Ds the future? No. But they are a step towards the future.

Will Nintendo be the system of the future? Probably not. I expect others will build upon their capapabilities & steer us towards the future.

Will my vision of the future come to pass? Maybe. But of course there are things that we cant see. The internet as we know it will be vastly different. Cell phones as they are now will not exist. Wi-fi will most likely become obsolete as new data technologies become available.

The future is coming & who knows what it holds, but this is how I see things.

For now.

The most important Christmas ever

Posted On March 4, 2008

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Its coming, I can feel it.  I hear its footsteps.  I dread its approach, but I want to embrace it with all my heart.  I want to grab it & hold onto it, & never let go.  I want to throw a celebration that all will remember for years to come.  I can’t deny it, I can’t ignore it, but I CAN make it a great Experience.

It’s the most important Christmas ever, & it will be here in just nine months time.


To understand the importance of this Christmas over the 33 others I have celebrated in my lifetime you have to know all facts.


I have a nephew who is 17.  Between now & Dec. 25th he will turn 18. 

Childhood is over.

Life beckons.

Who can say where the future will lead? 

Sure there will be other Christmases in the future.  Sure there will be many we will share together.  But this Christmas marks the end of Christmas as a child & the beginning of something different.


My grandmother turns 85 in August, the same month I turn 34.

If I’ve learned one lesson in life, it’s to appreciate those you love while they are here, because tomorrow is unpredictable & sometimes unfair.

I’ve learned this lesson time & again, & if I ever forget life slaps me in the face to remind me.

The lesson learned is to celebrate life as often as one can, because tomorrow is uncertain.


I want this Christmas to be a celebration of family, of life, of love.

I want to enjoy everything I have today.

I want this to be one of the greatest memories of my life, and theirs.


Its coming

I can feel it


Hello world!

Posted On February 17, 2008

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